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Town Crier

For crying out loud! Can you command a crowd, project your voice and he heard? Then we need you. We're looking for a new town crier top attend civic events and make important announcements and proclamations.

Town Crier duties
Skills and attributes
Application form

Town Crier Duties

By prior agreement with the Civic Office, the Town Crier may be requested to accompany the Executive Mayor or Deputy Mayor to an event.

The Town Crier must not attend any event in the District without the prior consent of the Civic Office.

The Town Crier may be asked to: -

  • Assist the Executive Mayor/Deputy Mayor or other official as required
  • Assist Town Council staff/members
  • Call people to attention
  • Announce the Executive Mayor or Deputy Mayor or other official as required
  • Make a Town Announcement or Declaration
  • Make an Event Announcement or Declaration
  • Thank people for their attendance or support
  •  Pose for photographs

The Town Crier will be expected to sign an agreement to meet the Council's expectations in terms of conduct and behaviour and to comply with relevant Council Policies (in the same way that staff or other volunteers do).

This will include a requirement to refrain from making any political or contentious comments whilst on duty and to never speak or give any opinion on behalf of the Council, Executive Mayor or Deputy Mayor or to give the impression that this is the case.

Appropriate clothing will be provided, the Council requires that the appointed Town Crier will commit to undertake the role for a minimum of two years.

The Town Crier may also claim reasonable expenses (e.g. parking/travel) for attending events, but this must be agreed by the Civic Office. All expenses must be supported by receipts and with a maximum limit allowable in any one year being £350.

The appointed Town Crier will be expected to make arrangements for cleaning of the costume, the pre-agreed cost being claimed back by way of expenses.


Skills and attributes

  • Loud, clear and easily understood voice
  • Confidence and self-assurance
  •  Ability and willingness to follow instructions
  • Ability to read announcements (sometimes at short notice)
  • Physically able to wear heavy costume for long periods, sometimes in hot or chilly conditions (e.g. events)
  • Ability to interact easily with all types of people


Application form 

To apply for this role, please fill out the application form before Monday 13 May. 

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