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Electoral and Polling Place Reviews

Local Government Boundary Commission reviews

Polling place reviews

Electoral reviews make sure each councillor is voted for by roughly the same number of people to ensure a fairer electoral system.

Local Government Boundary Commission reviews

Electoral reviews are carried out by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England (LGBCE).

Their aim is to make sure that each councillor stands for roughly the same number of voters in the council area. They also review the boundaries between council areas.

This makes a fairer electoral system and is called as 'electoral equality'.

When the LGBCE carry out a review, they make recommendations to improve any electoral inequality, while at the same time taking local communities into account.

We provide details of Mansfield's electorate to the LGBCE regularly so that a decision can be made on whether a review is needed.

You can find out more about the LGBCE reviews.

Polling place reviews

Every local authority must review its polling districts and polling places every five years with a public consultation forming part of that review.  The review does not affect ward or constituency boundaries, but is about the locations where people cast their votes in elections.

Mansfield District Council is keen to hear from any interested individual, group or organisation, particularly those with expertise in access for people with any kind of disability, on alterations to current electoral arrangements.

Representations should, where possible, include suggested alternative premises which may be used for polling purposes.  Any elector within the Mansfield constituency can make a representation.

You can have your say by emailing or writing to Electoral Services, Mansfield District Council, Civic Centre, Chesterfield Road South, Mansfield NG19 7BH.

This consultation runs from Friday 9 August until Monday 23 September 2019.

Maps, information relating to the current electoral arrangements and the Acting Returning Officers proposals can be found below.  They are also available to view at the Civic Centre between 10am and 4pm on any normal working day.

Following the consultation, the Council will make recommendations of any changes, taking account of any representations made.  The results of the review will be published by the council in December 2019.

Click on the links below to view:

You can also view the maps showing the proposed polling places for each ward below:


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