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Mansfield Primary Schools Partnership: Health

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Eating well

Eating well, means balance. The Eatwell guide provides a good overview of how to achieve that. Nowadays, we have heard this message a lot, or maybe even mixed messages, about what we should, or shouldn't be eating, and this can be confusing.

The Community Nutrition team offer health and nutrition packages to all groups and organisations within the Mansfield district, with a particular emphasis on families and young people. Packages are designed to suit individual needs and can be tailored to suit large or small groups.

Work delivered includes practical six-week cook and eat sessions designed to teach individuals the basics of cooking, cooking on a budget and confidence building. Our sessions with mental and learning disability groups,  has to highlight simple practical advice and key messages e.g. the importance of breakfast, and offer more 1-1 support.

Mansfield Primary Schools Partnership: Health

This is an agreement between the schools and Mansfield Schools Sports Partnership to buy in to the packages below to support the health and education of the school. The aim is to provide an understanding of a healthy balanced diet and the positive effects it can have on growth and lifestyle.

Community Nutrition offers three educational packages to schools to improve their knowledge of basic health:

Package 1

  • Teacher / school staff training to become health champions
  • Health MOTs for adults and teachers to raise awareness of their health condition and for teachers to train others on how to use the equipment. Childhood obesity interventions, eatwell guide (demonstrates a balanced diet; protein, fats, carbs intake etc), advice on exercise (what and how much),  mainly offered to kitchen staff and midday supervisors so they have a better understanding when advising pupils on food choice.

Package 2

  • Five one-hour nutrition sessions

The five sessions are delivered as follows:

  1. The eatwell guide and portion sizes, importance of fibre in our bodies and five a day.
  2. Why breakfast is the most important meal of the day and how it affects us at school.
  3. The importance of having a balanced lunchbox, what to include and what not to include.
  4. Sugar and the effects it has on our body and teeth.
  5. Fats, the effect it can have on our body and foods that contain fat.

Each session contains a practical food tasting session, fruit tasting, smoothie making, healthy wraps, healthy vegetable cake and a fruit pizza.

Each day we get the children to try to make small changes to their eating habits, make decisions about their food choices and recap every day to ensure understanding.

Package 3

  • Five-week family after school/breakfast club.
  • As above plus practical cooking skills / cook and eat sessions - this package usually follows package two so we build on the themes we have taught and make simple recipes, which the pupils can make at home with little supervision. We bring the family together to take part to encourage families to bond and enjoy making recipes together within their budget.
  • Adult MOTs (including BMI, body fat analysis, muscle percentage and blood pressure).
  •  The importance of exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

Sports clubs and coaching

Being active can play a major role in an individual's physical and mental health. It is important to be active to live a healthier lifestyle; activity is defined as moving, becoming warmer and out of breath.

Changing behaviours can be as little as reducing sedentary behaviour, such as sitting and watching TV, to moderate activity, going for a brisk walk, or even to vigorous activity, such as going for a run. Anyone and everyone can adopt these behaviours, one step at a time. It's important to find things that you enjoy, and to extend your 'toolbox' by trying different things or going back to things you did when you were younger maybe, but somehow stopped doing along the way.

In Mansfield, there are so many different opportunities to become active. From our leisure centres, sports clubs, community providers, apps and technology.

If you want any advice or support on how to access more physical activity. Please contact the Leisure team on email or phone on 01623 463470.

Workplace health

Organisations within Mansfield can benefit from health advice and practical cooking activities to encourage staff to make more low cost, healthy meals at home. The team aims to teach staff the basics and build these into lots of meal ideas, as well as show staff how quick meals can be made and put the fun back into cooking.

We are driven to educate people of the importance of a balance diet (pdf icon Eat Well Plate [88kb]) and provide people with a good knowledge of the correct portions of protein, carbohydrates, fats, sugars, dairy, fruit & vegetables.

These sessions can be offered within your workplace at a time to suit for a small price.

Need More Support?

If you would like any further information about feeling well, please contact the Healthy Lifestyle Officer on 01623 463470 or email.

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