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Empty homes

Report an empty property

How we deal with empty properties

An empty property is a wasted home that costs you money. It should be lived in by someone who needs it.

Report an empty property

If you think the property is being used for criminal activity contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101.

How we deal with empty homes

A homeowner must, by law, keep their property and land around it up to a minimum standard. If they don't we can take legal action. It must be safe, secure, and free from the causes of infestation by rats and other pests.

If a property, or a piece of land, doesn't meet the minimum standards we can identify the owner and send a legal notice instructing them to put things right. If the owner doesn't respond, or refuses to do anything, we can do the work and give the owner the bill.

Other action we can take includes:

Help sell an unwanted property

If you own an empty property and can't bring it back into use, we may arrange with a not-for-profit landlord (e.g. a housing association or community group) to buy it directly from you. The landlord will do the work the property needs and rent it out to a new tenant.

This is called voluntary acquisition.

Take over the property to rent

If the property has been empty for six months or more, and the owner has not responded to requests to put it right, we can take over the management of the property. We will then rent it out to tenants for seven years. The owner only gets income from the rent after we recover our costs of making the property fit to live in, plus the regular costs of managing the property.

This is called an empty dwelling management order.

Make a compulsory purchase

Sometimes a property is causing such severe problems that it is blighting an area. If the owner won't do anything about it, the only solution is to use our powers to buy it from them - even if they don't want to sell. We will either demolish the property, or sell it on to a not-for-profit landlord like a housing association to bring it back into use.

This is called single property compulsory purchase.

For further details, see our pdf icon empty property strategy [86kb] and pdf icon leaflet [677kb].

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