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Mansfield District Council is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, regardless of technology, language or ability.

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BrowseAloud, created by TextHelp, is free software that reads back the content of web pages to you. A voice reads out the words as you point your cursor to the text on the screen.

The software is useful for people with vision impairment and translates text into other languages for those who have difficulty reading English.

Your computer will need to have suitable speakers or headphones to listen to the voice.

Currently Browsealoud will not translate PDF documents on our site. To do this, copy and paste the PDF's link into the Google Translate service at

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To use these keys

For the Windows-based platform - If the browser is Netscape/Mozilla etc, hold down the 'Alt' key and press the assigned key on the keyboard. If the browser is Internet Explorer, do the same as for Netscape, but also press the 'enter' key to navigate to a page.

For the Macintosh platform - Hold down the left-hand 'Control' and press the assigned key on the keyboard. (e.g. Control - 1 navigates to the home page.)

Compatible Browsers.

BrowseAloud is compatible with the following browsers and platforms:

  • Internet Explorer 8 and greater (IE9 or greater for PDF Reading and Simplifier) but not in compatibility mode
  • Firefox (latest release)
  • Chrome (latest release)
  • Mac: Safari (latest release)
  • iOS: Safari (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, latest release)
  • Android: Chrome (Android v3 and greater)

Browsealoud may work on older versions of browsers. Support and updates are provided for the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Android (Chrome) and iOS/Mac (Safari).

The translation function is always disabled on websites that are secure - the addresses for secure sites start with "https://".


Were possible, documents are provided in PDF format. The reason for this is that several free PDF readers are available for our visitors to use to view our documents.

To get a PDF viewer for your device, please visit

Minicom service

Typetalk minicom service: 01623 463444.

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