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Borrowing money safely

Loan shark reporting

Credit unions

Credit unions offer an alternative, safer borrowing method to pay day loans and other exploitative practices.

Loan shark reporting

Pay day loans, doorstep lenders or loan sharks can seem like lifesavers when you're short on cash and need money quickly, but they come with nasty repercussions.

If you have borrowed money from a loan shark you can report them and get help at

You may be able to borrow money at much cheaper rates by joining a credit union.

Credit unions

Credit unions are set up for the benefit of local people. They are an easy and convenient way to save and borrow, offering loans at very low costs. Profits are put back in to the credit union to improve its services and products for you.

They can also help you buy essential home items at a low weekly payment that's much cheaper than many high street companies.

Find you nearest credit union at


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