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Cutting grass on highways

Grass cutting

We attempt to cut grass on a two week cycle. This is weather dependent and at times, inclement weather may increase the times of the mowing cycle.

Grass cutting

We will cut the grass on all Mansfield District Council owned land and county council highways verges (sides of roads).

We do not cut the grass that is:

  • Privately owned.
  • On properties/estates owned by bodies other than Mansfield District Council.
  • When vehicles do not leave access or are parked on grassed areas.

Cutting is carried out to a schedule and there are periods where the grass will grow quicker between cuts. Weather conditions can cause grass to grow more rapidly.

Due to the scale of the service of maintaining grass verges, green spaces and parks within the district, it is necessary to start work early in the day. Crews are asked not to start before 7am in heavily populated areas to cause as little disturbance as possible.

See grass cutting frequently asked questions for further details.

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