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Anyone (including those under 18) who lives, studies or works in the district can create or sign up to a petition, as long as they submit; a name, an address (with a valid Mansfield district postcode) and their own signature.

What is a petition?

Petitioning is one way that individuals, community groups and organisations can take part in the democratic process. This can be done by raising issues of public concern with us and allowing councillors to consider the need for change within the Mansfield district.

A petition is any communication (letter, document, email etc) which requests us to take action or stop taking action and is signed by or sent on behalf of a certain number of people.

Petitions must have at least 30 signatures before it is treated as a petition. If it contains less than 30 signatures it will be treated as a corporate complaint or service request.

How do I submit a petition?

If you are considering starting a petition, please use the template on the right.

You can submit your petition to your local ward councillor who will forward it to the Council or submit it directly to the Council, we accept hardcopy or email petitions.

When we receive your petition you will receive a written acknowledgement within 5 working days, this acknowledgement will set out how we propose to deal with your petition.

* Please read the Council's Petitions Scheme on the right which outlines in detail how the Council deals with petitions.

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