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Workplace health & safety

What does the council do?

What kinds of businesses does the council enforce health and safety legislation in?

Accidents at work

Complaints and questions about health and safety in the workplace

Licence inspections

Health and safety legislation protects the health, safety and welfare of people at work. It also safeguards others, mainly the public, who may be affected by how that work is carried out.

What does the council do?

Our Food, Health and Safety team work to ensure that commercial businesses comply with health and safety legislation.

We always aim to work in partnership with businesses in our area, however, we will take enforcement action where serious breaches of legislation are found and people's safety is put at risk.


Health and safety law enforcement is split between councils and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), dependent on the type and nature of the business.

The division of responsibility can be complex but in general we cover businesses such as:

  • retail premises
  • warehousing
  • transport undertakings (distribution centres, etc.)
  • hotels
  • leisure complexes
  • animal boarding / breeding establishments
  • personal services (eg. body piercing)
  • offices, and
  • safety of sports grounds
  • residential care homes

In residential care homes we enforce where there are issues that affect employees or the structure. Issues that affect residents are dealt with by the Care Quality Commission. If you are not sure if your business fits into any of these categories please check with us.

Accidents at work

Certain types of accidents and incidents in a workplace must be formally reported to the Health & Safety Executive.

Serious accidents and incidents need to be reported formally. A detailed explanation of what must be reported and how can be found on the HSE's accident reporting website.

Reported accidents are investigated by either the HSE or ourselves, depending on the type of workplace. Accidents can be reported either by calling 08453 009923 or online at the HSE's accident reporting website.

Complaints and questions

If you have any concerns or queries regarding health and safety or would like to make a complaint about conditions in a workplace, then please contact us.

Further information on health and safety topics can be found on the HSE's website.

Licence inspections

Our team perform inspections for businesses and premises that require a licence for certain activities. Further information can be found on these licences below:

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