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Who's taking you home tonight?

Mansfield District Council is reminding people out partying in Mansfield this Christmas to make sure they plan ahead and get home safely by using a licensed Private Hire vehicle or taxi.

A Private Hire vehicle is one which must be pre-booked through an operator. You are not insured to travel in one which has not been pre-booked.

Private Hire vehicles CAN NOT be flagged down in the street.

A Hackney Carriage (taxi) is either all black or black and white and will have the word Taxi illuminated on the top and CAN be flagged down in the street or from the following ranks:

  • Rosemary Street Bus Station (24 hour)
  • Queen Street (24 hour)
  • Leeming Street (6am-6pm)
  • Clumber Street (8pm-6am)

For a vehicle to be licensed by Mansfield District Council, it must meet high standards. All licensed drivers have had medicals and Criminal Records Bureau checks. They are also required to pass a knowledge test about the local area.

If you have any concerns about taxis in Mansfield, make a note of the vehicle's license number, which will be on a plate on the rear of the vehicle and the driver's name (if possible) and call the Council's Licensing Department on 01623 463 401.

Cllr John Smart, Chairman of the Licensing Committee at Mansfield District Council, commented:

"We would like our residents to enjoy the festive season but we would ask that they take a minute to consider their safety by making sure they get home from parties using licensed vehicles.

"When travelling by Hackney Carriage, look out for the Mansfield District Council licensing plate on the rear of the vehicle or if you are making a booking for a private hire vehicle, ask for one which has been licensed by Mansfield District Council to make sure they have passed our rigorous safety checks."

Published 29 November 2012

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