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Vandals target Yeoman Hill Park

Vandals have caused £2,300 of damage at Yeoman Hill Park, after destroying a number of newly planted trees.

As well as snapping trees, vandals have been training their dogs to hang from low branches and chew bark, in order to strengthen their jaws. The bark stripping damages the vascular system of the tree, which frequently results in its death.

To date the park has lost fourteen trees of varying species, including pear trees, London plains, silver birch, ginkgo, tree of heaven, a tulip tree and Serbian spruce. The vandals have now started on an avenue of cedar trees.

Yeoman Hill has also suffered problems with people lighting fires and writing graffiti in the bandstand, as well as dog owners allowing their pets to foul on and around the football pitch areas.

The park is currently undergoing a large refurbishment, which includes new permanent and sustainable planting, tree planting, installation of a new aerial slide, fencing around the bowling green and installation of raised planters and re-laying of the car park.

Portfolio holder for the Environment, Councillor Philip Shields said: "Yeoman Hill Park is a very much loved and well visited park by the community of Mansfield Woodhouse. 

"Along with the parks Friends Groups and the Mansfield Woodhouse Community Development Group, Mansfield District Council is fully committed to ensuring that we provide an excellent facility for park users, which is why we have been investing in large scale improvements.

"To ensure that the park is respected, it is very important that the community of Mansfield Woodhouse and park users are observant and report any suspicious activities to the Police and Wardens. Gradually, Yeoman Hill is being stripped of its young trees. We need to catch the people, who are responsible."

If you have witnessed, or have any information about vandalism in Mansfield's parks, contact Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 or contact your local Warden 01623 460144.

Published 22 November 2012

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