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Tackling take-away litter

Following a busy night in Mansfield, the District Council will collect up to 286 kilos* of litter from the town centre's streets, which is mainly made up of fast food waste and wrappers - the equivalent to the weight of 715 rats.

In a bid to drive down the amount of litter, Mansfield District Council is reminding late night revellers to bin their waste and not to throw it on the floor, or face a £75 fine.

Last month (October) officers from the Council visited late night food outlets within the town centre. Businesses were reminded of their duties under their licence to ensure that they clear the rubbish from the front of their premises, which has been left by their customers, when they close at night.

The Council is also asking partygoers to take responsibility for their litter by:

  • Advising staff at takeaway food premises if you do not require a bag.
  • Encouraging friends to dispose of their food and drink using a bin.
  • Helping to make dropping litter socially unacceptable.
  • Reporting heavily littered areas.

Not only does dropped food litter look a mess, it also attracts rats and other vermin. Pest control company Rentokil estimates there are 65-80 million rats in Britain compared to approximately 60 million humans.

Cllr Mick Barton, Portfolio Holder for Public Protection at Mansfield District Council, said: "Mansfield has a bustling night life with a variety of take-away food outlets offering tasty treats to residents and visitors. Unfortunately some individuals think that it's acceptable to drop their left over pizza, kebab or chips on the floor along with the wrapper or boxes. This type of litter is relatively light weight however the quantity of items dropped on the streets and left on doorsteps and window ledges is appalling.

"Littering is an offence and we will not hesitate to issue anyone caught dropping litter with a £75 fixed penalty notice.

"We are working with local fast food businesses to ensure they do their bit to clear the streets of litter produced by their customers, but we are also asking the public to take responsibility and ensure the dispose of their waste correctly."

Anyone wishing to report excessive litter, fly tipping or graffiti in their neighbourhood can call the Council's Grimebusters hotline on 01623 463 463 or email

*Figure taken from December 2011. The Town Centre's busiest period is the Christmas period when more litter is generated.

Published 20 November 2012

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