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Mansfield local businesses seek to turn town centre into wi-fi hotspot

Mansfield Business Improvement District (BID) has launched an innovative online crowdfunding campaign to turn its town centre into one of the UK's largest free wi-fi hotspots.

The BID, hopes that free internet access will help Mansfield town centre to thrive at a time when high street sales are being driven down by online competition.

Free wi-fi will encourage visitors to stay longer in town as they'll be able to surf the net and stay in touch with friends, while shopping and socialising.

Alongside free wi-fi, the money will fund signage with Quick Response (QR) codes that visitors can scan on their smart phone and be directed to exciting information about the town, from the history of certain buildings and areas to what events may be happening in the Mansfield.

The project is supported by Spacehive, an online platform for funding neighbourhood improvement projects. Spacehive's open financing platform allows any local person or business to contribute towards the costs of making community projects happen and improve their local area. Spacehive is looking to help in the creation of something that will make use of dead and declining inner city sites.

More information on the Mansfield campaign can be found here:

If any business would like to donate to this project advertising space will be available on the home page of the Town's wi-fi page.

For more information on this option please contact the BID office on 01623 635 675.

Published 03 October 2012

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