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Supernanny joins Council

Mansfield District Council has its very own Supernanny, following the appointment of Specialist Parenting Practitioner Anne Callaghan.

Offering advice and guidance on how to deal with challenging behaviour in children, Anne provides support and early interventions to families, whose children's anti-social behaviour is having an adverse effect on communities in the Mansfield District.

Anne co-ordinates and runs a range of programmes for parents, including The Strengthening Families Programme, which is aimed at families struggling with teenage children. The programme helps parents tackle any problems early on and gives them the skills to deal with difficult issues.

"Sometimes young people get in with the wrong crowd and are easily led," says Anne.

"They start to truant and communications break down within the family. This can then lead to anti-social behaviour in the wider community. Working with the families, we look at the teenager's behaviour, their education and their aspirations. I also get parents to look at the way they were parented themselves."

Another programme offered by Anne is the pioneering Non Violent Resistance programme, which is for parents dealing with physical violence from their children. Guidance and support is given on how to deal with this behaviour without resorting to physical retaliation.

Anne, whose job was previously funded by Nottingham County Council, has witnessed a lot of success stories over the years and has enjoyed seeing young people on the cusp of anti-social behaviour going back into education with a more positive attitude, as well as enjoying better relationships and a better atmosphere within the home.

She has also seen parents turn their lives round and complete educational courses, or gain employment.

"One single mother I helped had been a victim of domestic violence and her children were on a child protection plan," said Anne.

"She attended a parenting programme and began to support her children more positively. She now has her own business, her children are thriving and she is in a new relationship."

Portfolio Holder for Public Protection, Councillor Mick Barton said: "I am delighted that Mansfield District Council has taken on the funding of this important post of Specialist Parent Practitioner and the appointment of Anne, who is a specialist in her field.

"Reducing crime and anti-social behaviour is a major priority for the Council. Working with families, who are having difficulties in parenting their children and offering them support and early intervention is an important approach to solving ASB and stopping young people from turning to crime.

"We want our neighbourhoods to be pleasant places to live in and we want families to function in a positive way. Anne's work with families with known problems goes a long way to improving people's lives, both within families and in the wider community."

For more information on Anne's work, you can contact her on 01623 463529.

Published 03 September 2012

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