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Don't risk losing your vote

Across Mansfield District,19,000 households risk losing their vote in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Residents have been urged to make sure they don't lose the chance to have their say in the Police and Crime Commissioner elections taking place on Thursday 15 November.

Over the last two months, households in the Mansfield area will have received an annual canvass voter registration form, which must be returned to the Electoral Services Office at Mansfield District Council by Friday 5 October to appear on the 2012/13 Register of Electors, published on 16 October 2012.

If you have not already returned your form, you will be visited by a canvasser between 3 August and 10 September, who will assist you to complete the registration on the doorstep in time for the October deadline. All canvassers will carry official Mansfield District Council identification. They will not ask to enter your property.

If the canvasser is unable to contact you during this time, a reminder form will be delivered to you by 10 September for you to complete and return to the office by 5 October.

Registering to vote is simple. All householders have to do is update the registration form with the details of everyone in the household who is eligible to vote and return it to the Council offices. If your details haven't changed you can also reply by text, phone or e-mail and this will save the council money.

On your voter registration form you can opt to have your details excluded from the edited register. This will mean your details cannot be bought by individuals and commercial organisations.

Ruth Marlow, Electoral Registration Officer for the Mansfield District said: "You have to be on the electoral register if you want to have your say in the first Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

"We estimate that 19,000 households have not returned their forms. Some people wrongly assume that paying council tax means you are registered to vote. I am urging all those eligible to vote in the Mansfield District to return their form as soon as possible.

For more information, contact Mansfield District Council's Electoral Registration Office on 01623 463 345.

Published 08 August 2012

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