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Not Much Matches Mansfield hits all the right notes!

A local piece inspired by the local people surely has something for everyone local. Not Much Matches Mansfield by Kevin Fegan, is the new community play for Mansfield performed on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 July as part of the Mansfield Arts Festival, in settings across the town. The play is truly taking shape and excitement is mounting with one month to go.

Weekly rehearsals see the 60 strong cast develop and grow as the production dates draw closer. Excitement and enthusiasm continues with the confirmation that a choir of up to 80 Mansfield school pupils and Newstead Brass Band are to join what promises to be a grand finale and celebration of local talent in Mansfield.

Developing a community play like this has proved very challenging, interesting and rewarding. Different elements have grown in the writing from the influence of some people's own stories,

Musically, the productions are progressing further and further. From words written by Kevin Fegan, Ian Carter, the Composer and Musical Director, has encompassed all ideas and desires with the fabulous catchy title song 'Not Much Matches Mansfield'. Ian said, "We wanted a number that Mansfield could not help but join in - a shared bit of fun for all. I think we have achieved this with all involved in the project not being able to get the chorus out of their heads!"

Music is also instrumental in the Finale which includes the number Watch This Space which is led by the young children of Mansfield, representing our future. The large choir of young people combined with Newstead Brass Band with the gorgeous rich sounds that mean so much in this area, demonstrates that while we do not know what the future will hold, we can at least work together to build a future for the town and our children. The musical forces of choir and band promise to give us a rousing and thought-provoking finale.

The Four Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water inspire much of Kevin's writing particularly in the play Mansfield: In The Beginning performed at St Peter's Church. Once again, the musical response to illustrate the connection to these Four Elements has been explored well and will be performed by a Brass Sextet.

This project is an ambitious one which has been largely funded by Arts Council England / National Lottery. Local sponsors and Mansfield District Council have also added to the financial backing, making the project possible. All involved want to create high quality and thought-provoking theatre in the streets of Mansfield in a way that the Town has not seen before.

This energised, fun and engaging play, made up of different parts which can be viewed on their own or in any order, is designed to encourage all ages, theatre going and non-going theatre audiences to give it a go. For more information on the performance areas, play summaries and times, please visit

Published 19 June 2012

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