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Everybody needs good neighbours

People are being urged to look out for their elderly and disabled neighbours in a new campaign being launched across Nottinghamshire.

The Good Neighbour campaign aims to reduce the number of people who have falls, accidents or become victims of abuse or crime. The campaign is being run by Nottinghamshire Safeguarding Adults Board (NSAB) and is being supported by Mansfield District Council.

Top tips for being a good neighbour will be distributed throughout the county and are available at People are also being encouraged to sign a Good Neighbour Pledge.

Allan Breeton, chairman of NSAB, said: "Many of us have busy lives and often don't get the chance to even stop and say hello to our neighbours. We're urging local people to take a few extra minutes to get to know those who live around them - particularly if they are elderly or disabled.

"If someone has had an accident in the home, they may not be able to attract the attention of neighbours or passers-by, so we should all be on the look-out for signs that something may be wrong - especially if our neighbours are elderly or disabled. Tell-tale signs include milk or bins not being taken in, newspapers stuck in the letter box, curtains drawn or lights left on, or homes in darkness when there should be someone at home.

"Simple things like offering to go to the shop in bad weather or putting out someone's bin might also make a huge difference, so please do your bit."

Published 12 June 2012

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