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Inspirational torchbearer - Kane Hoy

A boy who was bullied for being overweight is looking forward to proving the bullies wrong by carrying the Olympic Torch through the Mansfield District.

Kane Hoy (12) of Rainworth, was nominated as a torchbearer by his mum Simone-Louise Hoy (43) for the way he has coped with being bullied.

Kane put on weight last year after breaking his arm meaning he could not take part in his hobbies which include kayaking, trampolining and swimming. He is also a member of the Sea Cadets and enjoys walking.

Kane is among the youngest torchbearers and will have turned 13 just a few weeks before the Torch Relay.

"I was a bit panicky when I first heard but I am very excited to have been chosen as a torchbearer out of thousands of people in Britain." he said.

His mum said: "The bullies told him not to run because he'd break the ground so I thought I'd nominate him to run with the torch and that would show them. He is very active and has lost quite a bit of weight recently. Being a torchbearer has been a big boost to his confidence and even some of the bullies have congratulated him."

Family including his grandparents Mr Raymond and Mrs Susan Hoy, of Mansfield Woodhouse, and friends are planning to watch Kane take part in the Torch Relay on 28 June.

Kane needed heart surgery when he was four-days-old to correct a problem that meant his organs could have been deprived of oxygen. He has hospital checks every 18 months but it doesn't prevent him from doing anything he wants.

Kane is looking forward to watching the Olympics on television - especially the javelin and kayaking events.

A map of the streets the Olympic Flame will be carried along within the Mansfield District is available on

Published 15 May 2012

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