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Local Land & Property Gazetteer

Local Land and Property Gazetteer

The Benefits of the LLPG


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Local Land and Property Gazetteer

Our Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) is a database that contains accurate and up-to-date address details of all properties within Mansfield.

The LLPG is much more than a simple list of addresses; it contains information regarding land, buildings in multiple occupation or within complexes and other structures such as churches, telephone boxes, recycling points, telecommunications masts and electricity substations. It also contains grid coordinates for each property so that they can be shown spatially using a Geographical Information System (GIS).

The information is held in accordance with British Standard BS7666(2006) "Spatial Data-sets for geographical referencing".

Our Street naming and numbering section, is responsible for allocating all new addresses within Mansfield and provides the LLPG Team with details of new and changed addresses that need adding to the database.  The Council is not responsible for assigning postcodes to addresses,this is done by the Royal Mail.  Any queries about postcodes can be dealt with by calling 0906 302 1222 or via the Royal Mail web site.

Our LLPG, along with those of over 350 other local authorities, feeds daily into the National Address database held by GeoPlace in partnership with Ordnance Survey and covers the whole of England and Wales.

The benefits of the LLPG

The LLPG will become the master address database for the entire Council and will therefore eliminate the duplication of effort across the various departments and help to improve service delivery.

Each property is allocated a Unique Property Reference Number (UPRN) that can be used to link addresses across different databases within the Council and is increasingly being used by outside organisations (UPRN's are currently required when paying property stamp duty). This will help to provide efficiencies and improve response times to public requests for property information and increase the council's capacity for joined-up service delivery.

The NLPG enables all the data to be brought together in a consistent format that links national bodies, such as the Police, Fire and Rescue services, and local authorities together to enable the rapid exchange of property information. This sharing of information will make it easier to maintain very up to date property information at a local and national level.


Mansfield have received 11 national awards for the hard work put into compiling and maintaining LLPG:

  • 2016 Best Address Data in East Midlands Region
  • 2016 Gold Performance Award for Address Data
  • 2015 Best Address Data in East Midlands Region
  • 2015 Gold Performance Award for Address Data
  • 2014 Best Address Data in East Midlands Region
  • 2014 Gold Award for Address Data
  • 2013 Best Address Data in East Midlands Region
  • 2013 Gold Award for Address Data
  • 2010 Best in East Midlands Region Award
  • 2010 Authority Dataset Improvement Schedule Gold Standard
  • 2009 Best Performing Region (East Midlands)

Further information

For further information regarding the LLPG please contact the Council's LLPG Custodian at

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