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Mansfield Community Partnership (MCP) formerly known as Mansfield Partnership Against Crime (MPAC)

Who is involved?

How does it work?

Information sharing

Community focus

Joint Strategic Group meetings

Mansfield Community Partnership exists to engage with communities, provide education, information and reassurance about crime, and to work to help reduce anti-social behaviour. Formerly known as Mansfield Partnership Against Crime it is based on the Community Safety Partnership for Mansfield.

Who is involved?

MPAC's members include:

How does it work?

Using recorded crime and incident figures as well as information from other sources, areas for MCP members to focus on are decided.  The areas which our Local Area Partnerships will concentrate on in the next year are expected to be: Carr Bank, Oak Tree, Bellamy and the Town Centre.

Dealing with issues that arise in the focus areas are part of the day to day work of the Community Partnership. To help make this work easier we are bringing people from different organisations together in a single workplace called "The Hub".

The Hub will be sited in the Council Offices at the Civic Centre. It is expected to be ready by September 2016, at which point Mansfield's Police Inspector Nick Butler, Partnership Sergeants Neil Priestley and Andy Doran, and all of Mansfield's PCSOs will move in with members of the Community Safety team. Staff from other departments and agencies are expected to move to The Hub as time goes on.

For more details see the pdf icon Partnership Plan 2014/2017 Annual Refresh (2015/2016) [557kb].

Information Sharing

The Council works in partnership with other organisations (statutory and non-statutory) to enable them to effectively safeguard vulnerable individuals and take enforcement action against perpetrators of crime and disorder. 

Personal information held by the Council may be disclosed to and/or requested from statutory organisations such as other local authorities, the police, the fire service, National Probation Service or Derbyshire Leicestershire Nottinghamshire Rutland Community Rehabilitation Company Ltd (DLNR CRC) and/or General Practitioners (GPs) and non-statutory organisations such as registered social landlords, charities and organisations that offer support. More information about sharing personal data, requesting information or complaints can be found on the Freedom of Information and Data Protection section on the Council's website.

Community focus

Our work is currently changing to have much more community focus. As we move forwards, the main points driving our activity will be:

  • Reaching out to existing stakeholder groups within the communities concerned

  • Greater community involvement in the work

  • Locating core partners together in a "hub"

  • Dealing with risk (i.e. the causes of issues rather than the effects of them).

  • Involving a wider range of partners to help provide improved services

If you are interested in helping to prevent and reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and fear of them, and to develop a stronger, supportive & safer community visit Nottswatch.

If you would like to get involved in voluntary work in your community contact Mansfield Community and Voluntary Service.

Joint Strategic Group meetings

The redacted minutes from the MCP and ACP (Ashfield Community Partnership) Joint strategic group are available. The meetings were held on the following dates:

pdf icon 14th April 2016 [1Mb]

The redacted minutes from the MPAC and ACSP (Ashfield Community Safety Partnership) Joint Strategic Group are also available. The meetings were held on the following dates:

pdf icon 27th January 2010 [31kb]

pdf icon 28th April 2010 [32kb]

pdf icon 14th July 2010 [32kb]

pdf icon 27th October 2010 [37kb]

pdf icon 12th January 2011 [37kb]

pdf icon 13th April 2011 [41kb]

pdf icon 13th July 2011 [35kb]

pdf icon 12th October 2011 [37kb]

pdf icon 11th January 2012 [47kb]

pdf icon 25th April 2012 [44kb]

pdf icon 25th July 2012 [41kb]

pdf icon 22nd November 2012 [42kb]

pdf icon 27th March 2013 [35kb]

pdf icon 24th July 2013 [41kb]

pdf icon 20th November 2013 [24kb]

pdf icon 19th March 2014 [12kb]

pdf icon 2nd July 2014 [46kb]

pdf icon 25th September 2014 [72kb]

pdf icon 22nd April 2015 [88kb]

pdf icon 29th July 2015 [54kb]

pdf icon 10th September 2015 [1Mb]




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